Fill Sand – This material has a sand-like consistency.  Used for backfill, horse arenas and bedding pipe.  This is the most affordable fill material.

Pea Gravel – Used for crawl spaces, ditches, playgrounds, backfill for under concrete.

8 Gravel – Slightly larger than pea gravel. Used in concrete

L Rock / River Rock – Decorative.   Ideal for landscaping and septic systems.

Fill Sand
Pea Gravel
8 Gravel
L Rock / River Rock


2 Stone – Temporary drives, base for drives or roads

4 Stone – Temporary drives and septic systems

8 Stone – Most common top dress for driveways.  Bedding pipes and backfill.

11 Stone – Top dress for driveways if smaller stone is preferred.

53 Stone – Base for drives and roads under concrete.  The dust in this product allows for good compaction. 

2 Stone
4 Stone
8 Stone
11 Stone
53 Stone


Pulverized Top Soil –Top soil that has been screened to remove debris such as roots and chunks.   It is fine and easy to work with.  Great for flower beds and gardens. 

Top Soil –  Top soil is the top 2-10 inches of soil in the ground.   It is good for leveling or filling in low areas.  No screening takes place therefore it will often contain debris such as roots, mulch, or chunks of dirt.  Ideal for lawns and gardens.

Fill Dirt – Fill dirt is a mixture of rock, sand and clay generally sourced from building and construction projects.  Good for leveling or filling low spots that may not require vegetation to grow.

Pulverized Top Soil
Top Soil
Fill Dirt

Use this calculator to estimate how much material your project will need.

Length: (Feet)
Width: (Feet)
Depth: (Inches)
Weight: Tons